Pool Cleaning Services



The proper care and maintenance of your pool should be something to consider very seriously, that’s why we offer a premium pool cleaning service which is typically performed weekly for non-screened pools or every other week for screened ones keeping your swimming pool in perfect conditions for your enjoyment. During a typical pool maintenance or service our certified technician will do all the perimeter tile cleaning, netting, vacuuming clean the entire pool, skimmer baskets cleaning, tile cleaning, pool filter cartridges cleaning, wall brushing and chemistry checking and balancing. Our technicians will also check all the pool’s equipment to make sure everything is working properly in the case we find any type of problem we will notify you immediately. Trust your pool cleaning service to Shining Pools and you will see the difference. It’s simple: we love pools.One Time Pool Cleaning services
Taking care of the pool require some specific tasks that sometimes are not considered by other pool cleaning companies and in some cases we’ve had customers requiring an one-time cleanup to help them bringing their pool back into its original-sparkling-oasis shape. Off course we can do this! In many cases we can provide this service within 2.5 – 3 hours depending on the pool. If you have a neglected or green pool we might have to drain it and off course the job can take up to a week depending on many factors such as the size of the pool

Our trained technicians will keep your pool shining. Call us today to sign up for the service!
Weekly pool cleaning is typically for all type of swimming pools that require special attention due to leaves and other falling debris. Every other week full cleaning is typically for screened pools. This specific service is designed to save the cost of unneeded cleaning thanks to the cover and protection that screen enclosures offers. Full Service includes filter cleaning, tile brushing,vacuuming, wall brushing, basket cleanings, , checking the chemistry and netting. These services are performed during every visit not as needed.

Basic Pool Cleaning Service
This pool cleaning service provides pool brushing, cleaning of the baskets and cleaning the pool filter on a weekly or by weekly basis This service combined with our Premium Chemical Service provides unique pool service at a great value. Specialty Cleanings

We can accommodate to the different requests customers might have. They range from fountain cleanings, multiple pool cleanings per week , to special one time pool cleanings. We can customize our services according to your needs so that you can enjoy your pool year round. We’re here to help you.

Periodically, the filter on a pool or spa will need to be back-washed and /or cleaned. Backwashing essentially reverses the water flow and flushes out the filter, internaly cleaning it and readying it to function efficiently again.