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The pool pump is the piece of equipment responsible for moving water from the pool through the pool filter and other equipment, and then back to it.

This is basically a closed plumbing system. A pump and motor provide the “pull” and “push” for the water to come into the filter and be returned to the pool. Our certified technicians provide regular inspections of the motor, pump, and filtration system, being this one of the essential things to do to keep a pool clean; keeping the pool’s equipment in good shape will significantly extend the life of your pool. We also offer pool pump installation.

At Shining Pools we are very well known within the industry for providing the highest quality possible at very affordable prices pool repair services in Miramar and the surrounding areas. Our services include: pool pump motor replacement, pool pump installation and pool pump maintenance.

Repair Services


Pool Motors

The equipment on a swimming pool is there to filter the pool water, and, optionally, to heat the water and /or provide automatic cleaning and sanitation features and controls. Taking care of the pool motor is an essential component when keeping your pool clean. Shining Pools has trained technicians that are capable of servicing all types of pool motors and replace every motor with the highest quality equipment available.

Pool Heating


It is great to know that you can enjoy your pool all year long with our pool heating service exclusive from Shining Pools. Whether you want to fix your pool heater or install a new one, you’re in good hands with our trained technicians. With a pool heater you’ll be able to control your water temperature depending on the outside climate. We can perform routine and /or last minute pool heater services and work with you to fine-tune the water temperature and the desired flow. If you’re considering replacing an old pool heater (about 72% efficient) you can have increase to 82% efficiency with a new pool heater installed.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

m856_automationMany pools we serve today are equipped with automatic pool cleaners or in-floor cleaning systems, and although optional, the automatic cleaner is one piece of equipment we at Shining Pools highly recommend our customers getting. There are specialty cleaners made for all types of in ground pools as well as above – ground pools. We can install the floor cleaning system at the time your pool is being built or we can install it later on. We work with two types of pool cleaners: the ones that work off the suction line of the pool and are install in a skimmer and those that work off the pressure side.