Premium Pool Chemical Service





The most important aspect of caring for your pool, maintaining equipment and surfaces, and keeping the pool shining and pleasant to swim is in proper water chemistry, but don’t worry you don’t have to go back to school and get a chemistry degree, we will take care of it for you!

The key to pool chemistry is balance.We will keep your pool balanced and will test the water to take the guesswork out of knowing for sure if it is in balance or not. There are very specific parameters for balancing pool water, in order that the water stays clear, free of bacteria, and comfortable to swim in. In addition, proper water balance protects pool equipment and the surface of the pool and prevents costly repairs to them. Balancing is, in a word, the act of keeping the pool water from being corrosive or scaling.

This service keeps your swimming pool water in safe and perfect conditions for your enjoyment. This is a very popular service because we always keep the water with a great “low-chemical” feeling allowing our customers to spend time cleaning the pool (if they want to) without the hassle of storing chemicals at home. There’s also the option of Shining Pools cleaning the pool as well. We provide Standard Pool Chemical Service for our customers that are already using their own chlorine generator
Standard Pool Chemical.

This service service includes all necessary pool chemicals to keep your pool swim safe year round. Some pools may require to balance out the chemicals in order to get the pool in shape.